Chairman Message

Focus and Commitment coupled with the tenacity of spirit and a determination to see the huge possibilities that lie ahead - is the underlying essence of the BMK philosophy.

When we have a clear sense of identity and purpose, we are more resilient, because we can hold fast to our vision of a better future. It has been testing times for the financial industry the world over and it is these times that separate the professionals from the amateurs.

BMK is ready to take stock offering unique and innovative financial solutions adding value and optimizing dividends for our clients.

BMK aims to serve as the gateway for GCC and international investors and partners looking to expand into Saudi Arabia. The idea is that our portal proximity to the GCC and rest of Asia, our deliberate location away from the bustle of Jeddah and Riyadh to be in the underserved Eastern Province, and the fact that a number of investors are looking for alternative ways for entering into the robust market of Saudi Arabia underscores an innovative and strategic advantage.

As we stride ahead we will continue to exercise caution, diligence skill and professionalism in whatever we do, exceeding our clients' expectations at all times.

In the final analysis it is all about building a better world through contribution on the business front. We will continue with an unwavering resolve.