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Message of Board of Directors

Fourteen years have passed since the launch of Bait Al Mal Gulf Company, which is a harmonious edifice that has turned into one of the most important pillars of local investment companies that occupies a prominent position at the forefront of the leading companies in this field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region, and if we are happy with what we have reached today, we are not We see it as just another starting point with which we can take to new and great horizons the size of our ambitions and aspirations, to be a real addition to keep pace with development, to make a difference and to be the perfect choice for those looking for promising investment opportunities.

The future plans of the Gulf House of Money revolve around continuing to achieve more excellence, leadership and prosperity by providing distinguished service and new investment products to meet the diverse investment needs of clients and contribute to participating in supporting the national economy.

We have adopted an insightful and fruitful strategy and adopted integrated policies and systems, in addition to our constant focus on efficiency and credibility in the offering and quality of the products and services we provide, which has enabled us to market our services and products that meet your needs through the financial investment portal.

We will strive, God willing, to keep pace with economic developments and take advantage of new investment tools to serve the company and customers.

Accordingly, I would like to thank our shareholders and everyone who cooperated with us and had the honor of serving him and achieved the desired goal of investing through us.

You are our number one supporter and you are an integral part of our history.

God bless.