Management Team

Mr. Mohamed joined BMK on 2016 and he is taking the lead of prudential reports along with management accounts reports on a monthly basis communicating them with the Top Management on a regular basis. He has ten years of experience mainly in Accounting field. He holds CME-1.

Mr.Abdullah has a bachelor's degree in Finance from Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University and he passed the qualifying exam of General Securities (CME-1) and get certified for that by Capital Market Authority (CMA) . Mr. Abdullah is currently holding the position of Investment Funds Officer at Bait AL Mal Al Khaleeji.

Majed has experience about 4 years .Majed  holds a Bachelor Law from SEU and holds Diploma in Computer Science also holds CME 1 & CME 2 and CMA Advanced Qualification Compliance & AML/CTF.