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Bait Al Mal Saudi Equity Fund

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Fund objectives
The fund, which is an open-ended investment fund, aims to grow capital in the long term by investing in shares of Saudi companies during the initial public offering period and shares listed on the Saudi stock market, including priority rights, and achieving positive returns compared to the indicative index, which is the Saudi stock market index ( TASI, with the possibility of distributing cash dividends once annually, after obtaining the approval of the fund’s board of directors.
Key Investment Strategies
The fund will invest in shares listed on the Saudi stock market, including priority rights, and there will be no specific ratios for the fund's investment in the shares of a single issuer, provided that this does not exceed the ratio of the market value of the company's free shares to the total market value of the Saudi stock market. The fund may also invest in shares of Saudi companies during the first public offering period, provided that the percentage of investment in the initial offerings does not exceed 30% of the total value of the fund's assets. With regard to risk management, the fund will diversify its investment portfolio by investing in a different group of sectors of the Saudi stock market and different stocks in each sector without focusing on a specific sector or industry. Every investor wishing to invest should read the terms and conditions of the fund


Bait Al Mal Gulf Saudi Equity Fund
last evaluation date08/08/2022
Number of Units1,498,879
Net Fund Value45,211,969
Unit PriceSAR 30.1639
Sharp Pointer-
Standard deviation since the beginning of the year-
3-year standard deviation-
Price has changed since the beginning of the year23.91%
Return since fund inception201.64%
Stock Market Index (TASI)9.00%
Since Inception Stock Market Index (TASI)26.20%